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yeah I can’t wait until we have enough surplus money to buy the bread and pasta of my choice. I hate eating refine pasta and rice, but for now it is what we can get, and to be honest God is providing above and beyond our needs. But hopefully this week we will get more variety of fruits and veggies.


Yeah the potato balls were great. I actually mixed the white beans in with the potatos and mashed them together. You would have never known that the beans were in them. Then I coated them with Japanese Bread crumbs. I also added some spices to the potatoes too. I plan to make them again, but make a gravy to go over them or white sauce.

This was a good dinner choice.

I thought we did great our first week

We did rather well our first week. Grateful fro Market Basket who sells great food at great prices. Thank you.

Things are looking good for us.

I am enjoying the challenge too, and by the way we either got rid of things that were sitting in our pantry that wasn’t being used, or we gave it to a food pantry. We truly are eating only what we are buying each day. In fact, I completely cleaned out the entire pantry and all the cabinets of food that was opened. So now there is no temptation of using food we had stocked. Which by the way there wasn’t a huge amount, just a lot of variety of stuff cause I cook from scratch. But yeah this food challenge is definitely making me portion food a lot better and better yet Joe is losing weight. By the way, I don’t miss meat, I enjoy eating vegetarian 80% of our diet.

I am so excited to see where this is going to go.

Our daily blog for Tuesday and menu for Wednesday.

So as most of you now know Joe and I are taking ten dollars a day and buying the next day meals and snacks for our family of 4.  Yes it has been interesting and challenging for sure but it has made me realize that food is wasted a lot in our lives.  It either just sits on our shelves taking up space or rots in the fridge.   I for one am not too wasteful of my food, but having us shop on a daily basis has made me realize how little or how much we truly eat.  I am enjoying our adventure if that is what you want to call it, but more then that I am enjoying the challenge of our needs being met on such little money.  We gave a lot of food to the local food pantry that was not being used in our house.  As far as the cold and frozen food, I do not stock much up on that.  Now that I only buy what I absolutely need, food is not being wasted like before.  My kids are getting used to the adjustment and they are realizing that being picky about food is not a choice anymore. At least not like it was before.  I don’t have the money to cater to their picky ways anymore. LOL  But the good thing is that they are trying new foods and they are now realizing that just because they have not tried it in the past doesn’t mean it is not tasty.  Buying food on a daily basis for the next day also has taught me to be more thoughtful of my meal planning.  If I have any food left over from the previous day then I use it for the next day menu.  It is a lot of fun but a lot more planning involved.  I am not one to make food that is premade in a box or can.  I try my best to make meals that are semi homemade or from scratch.  As Joe and I continue this journey together I am praying that the deals we find each day will be for our needs and good for our health.  So far it is looking that way.